Mitti De Tibbe Song Cast & Crew Members

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Mitti De Tibbe Song Cast & Crew Members

Release Date: 28 July 2022

Title: Mitti De Tibbe

Singer: Kaka

Mitti De Tibbe Song Cast

Mitti De Tibbe song by Kaka was released on Times Music Official Youtube channel on 28 July 2022. Mitti De Tibbe song lyrics are written by Kaka and music is given by him. Here we have listed the Mitti De Tibbe Punjabi Song cast & crew member’s name and the Female Actress Name. Below you can find the Mitti De Tibbe Punjabi song girl model name and other cast & crew member names.

Mitti De Tibbe Song Starring



Afsha Khan

Afsha Khan

Other Cast & Crew Members





Scope Studios & The OG’s

Executive producer

Manoj Rajput

Creative Director

The Sandeep

Directed by

Sahil Baghra & Jerry Batra


Raj ghumaan


Monika Hans

Mix Master

Arrow Soundz


Scarlet by Shruti Jamaal


Jason Numberder

Project Managed

Scope Entertainment

Additional Programming

Aagaazz Music

Make-up artist

Aamir Shahmura

Jimmy Jib

Manish Arora

Project by

Being Digital

Special Thanks

Gurpreet Singh, Gurwinder Tiwana, Raghbir Singh

Above are the names of Mitti De Tibbe Song Cast & Crew Members. We have listed all cast & crew members names of Mitti De Tibbe song including the girl model name. If you found any other missing information or if you want to request us for updating any new/old song cast names on Songscastpedia then please contact us.