Rubicon Drill Song Cast & Crew Members

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Rubicon Drill Song Cast & Crew Members

Title: Rubicon Drill

Release Date: 16 November 2022

Rubicon Drill Song Cast

Rubicon Drill song by Laddi Chahal ft. Parmish Verma was released on Parmish Verma’s Youtube channel on November 16 2022. Here we have listed the Rubicon Drill Song cast & crew member’s name and the Female Actress Name. Below you can find the Rubicon Drill Punjabi song girl model name and other cast & crew member names.

Rubicon Drill Song Starring

Laddi ChahalSinger/Male Artist
Laddi Chahal
Parmish VermaSinger/Male Artist
Parmish Verma
Harman BrarFemale Lead
Harman Brar

All Cast & Crew Members

Laddi ChahalLyrics/Composer
Laddi Chahal
Gurlej AkhtarFemale Vocal
Gurlej Akhtar
Parmish VermaProduced By
Parmish Verma
Mix & MasterDense
VideoBhinder Burj
DopMani Arts, Navjot Baidwan, Kartik and Anurag
Project HeadHardy Ludhiana

Rubicon Drill Video Song

Above are the names of the Rubicon Drill Song Cast and crew members names. Please comment below your thoughs on this song and how much you will rate it.