Libaas Song Cast & Crew Member

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Libaas Song Cast & Crew Member

Hey guys, here is the Kaka’s new Libaas song cast and female model name. This song was released on 8 Dec. 2020 on the Single Track Studio youtube channel. We know that you must be looking for Libaas Song Female Model name. Below you can find the girl model and other cast & crew members of Libaas Song.

Libaas Song Cast

Other Cast & Crew Members




Mix & Master

Arrow Soundz


Sajjan Duhan

Director By

Sukh D


Gaurav K Mehra


Robby Singh

Project BY

Jatinder Singh Sohal

Managed By

Scope Entertainment

Line Producer

Sunny Bhullar

Line Prodution

Bhullar Production House


GKM Studios

Casting Agency

Nanak’s world

Online Promotion/Digital Distribution

Coin digital

Media Partner

MDN Entertainment

Above are the name of the model name of Libaas song female model name and other cast and crew members name.