Khush Chahidi Song Cast & Crew Members

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Khush Chahidi Song Cast & Crew Members

Release Date: 16 Oct. 2022

Title: Khush Chahidi

Singer: Ranjit Bawa

Khush Chahidi Song Cast

Ranjit Bawa’s new song “Khush Chahidi” was released on B Major Records Official channel on 16 Oct. 2022. Khush Chahidi song lyrics are written by Rav Hanjra and the music is given by Snappy. Here we have listed the Khush Chahidi Song cast & crew member’s names and Guitar Song Female Actress Name. Below you can find the Khush Chahidi Punjabi song girl model and other cast & crew member names.

Khush Chahidi Starring

Ranjit Bawa

Ranjit Bawa

Other Cast & Crew Members

Ranjit Bawa


Ranjit Bawa

Rav Hanjra


Rav Hanjra




Rahul Chahal


Rahul Chahal

Assistant Director

Taran Bali, Jaskamal Saini

Produced By

Sher Singh & Sukhdev Singh

Mix & Master



TDOT Films


Sagar Kanda

Makeup & Styling

Parteek Dhillon

Online Promotions

Sukhpreet Dhillon

Digital Distributions

Viral Media Entertainment

So guys above are the name of the Khush Chahidi song female actress and cast members. We have added most of the Khush Chahidi song female model name and cast & crew members of Khush Chahidi Punjabi Song, but if we have missed something, please comment.