Ik Kahani Song Cast & Crew Members

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Ik Kahani Song Cast & Crew Members

Release Date: 22 November 2017

Title: Ik Kahani

Singer: Gajendra Verma

Album: From Lost to Found

Ik Kahani Song Cast

Ik Kahani song by Gajendra Verma was released on T Series Official channel on 22 November 2017. Ik Kahani song lyrics are written by Gajendra Verma and also sung by him. Here we have listed the Ik Kahani Song cast & crew members name and Ik Kahani Female Actress Name. Below you can find the Ik Kahani song girl model and other cast & crew member names.

Ik Kahani Starring

Gajendra Verma

Gajendra Verma



Other Cast & Crew Members

Gajendra Verma


Gajendra Verma

Mix & Master

Ishan Naik


Sanjay Kukreja

Video by

Vikram Singh


Suman Dutta

Assistant Director

Mansi Moghe, Vishal Yoman, Rohan Shah


Virtual Planet Production


Vikrant Studios (Nirmal Sharma)


Surubhi sharma, Prasoon sharma

Makeup & Hair

Aanchal Khanna


Kalpanik Films

Camera Team

Vikas Jaiswal, Avishekh Patel


Aditya Pandey

Focus Puller

Ramu Karri

Line Production

Destination Siam, Thailand

Above are the names of Ik Kahani Song Cast & Crew Members. We have listed all cast & crew members names of Ik Kahani song including the girl model name. If you found any other missing information or if you want to request us for updating any new/old song cast names on Songscastpedia then please contact us.